Terms & Conditions

1. Payment: 50% down before commencement of work. 50% upon completion of work.

2. Price includes the costs associated with the operation of equipment and any finish used on flooring in this bid. Customer is responsible for any changes in the market value of materials not included in this bid. Invoice for all materials not included in this bid will be displayed on a separate invoice.

3. Any additional costs associated with a delay in the completion of the project outlined in this bill will covered by customer.

4. Should suit be commenced or liens or other proceedings be taken to enforce payment of any amounts due under this contract, the owner, contractor and/or owners agent jointly or severally, agree to pay reasonable attorney's fees and all other legal costs and expenses cause by said owner's and/or contractor's failing to comply with the terms of this contact, or any supplements hereto, either oral or written for extras sold and delivered to owner, contractor or owners agent.

5. Hood River Hardwoods warrants its work against defects in materials or workmanship for one(1) year from date of completion and reserves the right to remedy any defects at any time. Hood River Hardwoods does not guarantee any size or grade of hardwood cupping, buckling, shrinkage, warping, rots, water damage, termite or beetle infestation. Hood River Hardwoods is not responsible for any cracking of filler on pre-existing floors after the completion of the work.

6. Customer to furnish sufficient electrical current to operate equipment (220V/30 AMP minimum).

7. A normal temperature of 65-70 degrees F to be maintained one week in advance and thought the completion of the project on this bid. Pre purchased floor will need at minimum three days on site to acclimate.

8. Customer agrees to pay for damages of flooring and finish caused by sources other than Hood River Hardwoods.

9. Hood River Hardwoods is not responsible for any complications caused by dust from sanding procedures. Hood River Hardwoods uses ventilation systems when operating our machines but dust is inevitable.