What to Expect

Before we Begin

Before we Begin

The three things we need from you before we begin:

  1. 3 signed forms, the bid/estimate contract, "What to Expect When You're Expecting...us to do your floors", and terms and conditions. When you have printed and signed these documents please submit via email @hoodriverhardwoods@gmail.com.
  2. A half-down deposit is required to secure your date and proper materials are ordered if need be. You can choose a payment option via Quickbooks, mail a check to (3450 Bradley st HR, OR 97031), or stop in our downtown office located inside of Sustain Interiors
  3. Have your home ready for us to visit. Any time spent preparing the area(moving furniture, cleaning, or removing previous floor or items attached) will reflect in a hourly charge.

For Your Information

  • Fumes from some floor finishes can be dangerous (and even fatal) for tiny animals such as gerbils and birds. Larger pets, though not at risk from fumes,
  • can be traumatized by the combination of strangers and loud noise that refinishing or installing brings into your home. For these reasons, you should consider sending your pets on a short vacation while we work on your floor. Even pets that aren't traumatized by sanding should be secured so they don't leave paw prints in the freshly-laid finish.
  • To minimize the dust of floor sanding, Hood River Hardwoods uses an attached HEPA vacuum system on all their sanders. While this makes our sanding virtually dust free, we still recommend that you empty all open shelves, take pictures down from walls and take down any removable window treatments in the rooms to be sanded.
  • Yes, we really do need all of the furniture removed from the rooms to be sanded. We strongly encourage you to remove the quarter-round moulding from all the rooms to be sanded as well - it will result in a much neater, cleaner final product. We can do this for you but we need to arrange to do it in advance and we must, alas, charge a fee for this service.
  • To facilitate both sanding and finish coating we may be taking off doors that open into the rooms where we're working. Because doors must stay off through the final coat, we do not reinstall them.
  • The sanders we use require 220v power, which means that we'll need access to this outlet. We'll assume that your panel is in the basement (let us know if it's not) and we request that there is a clear path to the breaker box itself.
  • If we are using a waterborne finish on your floors, we will need access to an interior water source, preferable a laundry or slop sink.
  • The owner-operators at HRH are only human and so respectfully ask permission to use your restroom while we're working in your home. If there is a restroom that you prefer us to use, please let us know

And Finally

  • Hood River Hardwoods will call you a few days before your scheduled start date to arrange access to your property, specify our arrival time, give you our after-hours contact information, and answer any last-minute questions you may have.
  • Refinishing your floor produces up to 60 gallons of sanding dust! Our vacuums channel this dust into an automatically sealed heavy-duty plastic bag (almost like a diaper genie!) and we'll leave that sealed bag at the end of your driveway for your trash hauler to remove. Please leave the bag outdoors and well away from all structure until it is picked up.
  • Some finishes take longer to dry than others. We will leave instructions on when you can safely walk on your floors again and when they will be ready for furniture. Even after you have been given the greenlight to replace your furniture, we urge you to wait two weeks before replacing area rugs.
  • One of our biggest concerns for your floor is making sure you know how to take care of it so that our sanding job lasts as long as possible.We use and recommend Bona products. Bona products are located at your local Ace or Big Box Store. Hardwood floors should last 20 years between sandings, as long as they are well maintained and properly recoated every 5-7 years. Please feel free to call us(407.473.2639) if you have questions about hardwood flooring maintenance.

Hood River Hardwoods warrants its work against defects in materials or workmanship for one(1) year from date of completion and reserves the right to remedy any defects at any time. Hood River Hardwoods does not guarantee any size or grade of hardwood cupping, buckling, shrinkage, warping, rots, water damage, termite or beetle infestation. Hood River Hardwoods is not responsible for any cracking of filler on pre-existing floors after the completion of the work.